Apr 29 2017

Kitchen Stuff Plus Reviews #kitchen #fitters

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Kitchen Stuff Plus Reviews

I worked at Kitchen Stuff Plus full-time (More than a year)

Great products: There are so many neat products, from handy little kitchen gadgets, to sleek countertop appliances. There is something for everyone, whether you cook a lot or just occasionally.
Awesome discounts: You have to wait until your probation period has passed, which is around 3 months I believe. For part-time staff the discount is 25% and 40% for full-time. You can also opt-in to benefits once you re full-time.
Great learning experience: You not only learn about products, but how to provide good customer service, selling and up selling, team work etc. They really do a great job of training staff and ensuring you have at least the most basic product knowledge, unlike some other retailers that toss their staff to the lions and expect them to fend for themselves; that does nothing for anyone s confidence, nor does it help customers.

Micromanaging: This was a huge annoyance of mine. Too many people wanting to be in charge of everything you do, which makes it hard to do your job properly sometimes
Late nights: I get that the store needs to be stocked and tidy, but some of the late nights were just ridiculous. Midnight, 1am. etc..

Advice to Management

Give your staff space and time to complete tasks assigned without constant input and breathing down their necks

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