Aug 31 2017

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Retail Food Waste Bins

Retail Food Waste Bins by EcoSafe® make diversion easy, simple, clean.

People want to divert their food scraps and organic waste form the landfill. In many municipalities now they have no choice, it`s the law. EcoSafe® has the retail food waste bins you need to get the job done as easily and cleanly as possible.

Attractive and functional, EcoSafe® food waste bins have been proven time and again in programs across North America.

Sustainability is as important to us at EcoSafe® as it is to our customers.

EcoSafe® food waste bins are designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind:

  • Our retail food waste bins have the highest recycled content in the market
  • Our retail food waste bins ship with minimal packaging
  • Our retail food waste bins have high nest ratios, minimizing the carbon footprint from shipping
  • Our retail food waste bins are well designed and high quality, they are built to last

Kitchen Caddy

The Ideal Kitchen Retail Food Waste Bin. EcoSafe® kitchen caddies are the perfect food waste bins for organic food waste collection. Packed with design features, EcoSafe® kitchen caddies are part of a proven program for effective household organics diversion.


The Ideal Curbside Retail Food Waste Bin. The 23 litre [6 US gallon] EcoSafe® EcoCaddy is an exceptional food waste bin for organic food waste collection. Developed to withstand the rigorous demands of both outdoor food waste collection and busy commercial environments, EcoSafe® food waste bins like the EcoCaddy are an internationally-proven container that has been critical to the success of countless food waste collection programs of all sizes, varieties and climates.

Contact us to become an EcoSafe® retail food waste bin distributor.

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