Mar 30 2017

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I do find the website hard to find things but I am the first to admit I am new to the Internet. The stuffed pepper meal may have been my least favorite of my order. There is a lot of rice in the stuffed pepper and then you get a side of rice. This meal didn’t come with any vegetables except for the pepper. I would have liked to get some sauce for the stuffed pepper too.

The meatloaf came with servings for four so I thought I would have a lot or a while one that I would slice up. A serving is under 4.oz. and has a lot of fat. It was okay, and I thought it had a little bit of a hot dog taste to it. I don’t think it reheated too well in the microwave either. There was a lot of water in the tray. But their food was okay and better than cooking myself.

We buy primarily gourmet pasta and meat dishes through delivery services as an alternative to restaurant convenience, so I can’t fairly extend my review to Magic Kitchen’s vegetable dishes, desserts, or meal plans.

We use a small convection oven and hot plate – not a microwave – so convenient packaging is important. Magic Kitchen uses sturdy oven-safe paper trays and boil-in-bags for most of their items. Shipping timing and quality has been perfect every time.

The prices are reasonable, and the more costly items are good quality and generously portioned. We’ve found that some products are a good foundation for other things (a pat of garlic butter, a can of tuna, and some fresh sage – mac and cheese) and some are perfect with just a bib (rosemary lamb shank). So overall, our cost per plate is steady and our nourishment and satisfaction high. I do highly recommend Magic Kitchen.

Braised Beef Brisket

This is a meal I reheated for half of the suggested cooking time. It was an wonderful meal. The meat was real and tender. It is hard to see in the picture, but it came with five slices of beef. The rice was good, but the strings beans were farm-fresh crispy and fresh.

Braised Short Ribs

This is the second meal I cooked using half of the recommended amount of time. This meal was very good. The slices of short ribs were thick, the mashed potatoes tasted like they were homemade, the gravy was delicious, and the string beans were perfect.

The other meals I had were all way overcooked. I followed the directions exactly as they were on the label (4 minutes) and they were tougher to cut than beef jerky. I thought it was odd the stuffed pepper didn’t have any sauce or cheese on it. I am giving Magic Kitchen a fair review because I was only able to eat two of the meals I purchased, but the dinners I did have were very good. If you do buy these meals I suggest you try to reheat them at two minutes first.

-Name withheld, NY

Excellent at Getting my Problems Resolved

The people on the phone are great. They are quick to take your order and very helpful to make suggestions on meals to choose, side dishes, etc. We have found them to be very reasonable when it comes to price and fixing issues when they come up. They are excellent at getting my problems resolved. My favorite dishes are the apple and sage stuffing, chicken Ana Luisa, and BBQ baby back ribs.

Customer Service Sets the Situation Right

We have enjoyed nearly all of the entrees we’ve ordered from the HomeStyle menu and they come with easy heating instructions. Once, some meal containers arrived broken. Customer service was amazing. They set the situation right immediately and gave us a gift coupon. We’re a busy professional couple and Magic Kitchen is a Godsend for us. Just ordered another 4 weeks of meals!

-Julie K. Ann Arbor, MI

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