Apr 29 2017

Moen Faucets at Faucet Depot #kitchen #flooring

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Moen Faucets

Our Price. $312.57

Moen knows that consumers will continue to upgrade their homes with the times and so they have developed the M-Pact System. The M-Pact System serves as the base installation for lavatory and shower faucets and it creates a universal standard so that the homeowner can change out the fixture at any time without having to change the actual plumbing delivering water through the fixture. Moen ensures that consumers get their moneys worth and reduce labor in the future. Now that is true customer service.

Moen does not stop at delivering excellent finishes, consistent pressure and temperature cartridges or upgradable plumbing technology they also know consumers want a system that doesn’t leak. Water is a precious resource and is a cost to consumers thus Moen has created the Hydralock Connection System. Hydralock systems are utilized in every one of Moen’s widespread lavatory faucets and kitchen pullout faucets. The system prevents leakage by removing the necessity for tool usage and by providing feedback to the consumer so that they know they have installed the hose correctly. Moen has forged each of their technologies through observation.

The company takes the time to watch how consumers use their faucets and fixtures and the products that ensue are products that meet all of the consumer’s needs and desires. Moen is the brand that consumers turn to when they want a product that is aesthetically pleasing, reliable, and guaranteed to perform. Moen stands behind their products and has been delivering quality and consistency for over fifty years.

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