Feb 13 2017

Pros and Cons of Hickory Cabinets #kitchen #appliances

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The Pros and Cons of Hickory Cabinets

When looking for cabinets to furnish a home, hickory cabinets are a clear favorite for many. However, a few considerations should be made before the purchase of hickory cabinets. As with all things, hickory cabinets come with their pros and cons. Here’s a breakdown of the major pros and cons of hickory cabinets :

Hickory Cabinets – The Pros

Many people know hickory wood for the distinctive flavoring it adds to all foods cooked over hickory wood, but it also lends a special touch to furniture. Hickory wood is tougher than oak or maple, meaning that hickory cabinets are strong and durable and will last a long, long time. Hickory cabinets can be sealed with a clear protective sealant to lock out moisture and keep them safe through years of use even in kitchens and bathrooms. The durability and sturdiness of hickory cabinets makes them a good choice for any home project, especially one that demands strength and moisture-resistance. Hickory cabinets work well in areas like kitchens, laundry rooms and children’s’ rooms.

One major pro of hickory cabinets is the beautiful coloring and look of their wood grain. Hickory cabinets are gorgeous enough without being painted over, and natural or stained hickory wood makes for the best hickory cabinets. Even without painting, you still have a variety of options for your hickory cabinets and can find the perfect color for your room or project. The names and colors of stains for hickory cabinets vary between providers, but some of the available ones include linen, sierra, auburn, briarwood, light, natural, and ebony. The wide variety of colors and stains available is definitely one of the pros of hickory cabinets .

Another major pro of hickory cabinets is the ease with which you can find them. Many furniture and home improvement stores carry hickory cabinets in a variety of stains and colors. Smaller independent companies that specialize in cabinetry and furniture making are also very likely to have hickory cabinets for you to choose from. A visit to a hardware store, a flip through the White Pages, or a visit to a cabinet or hardware store will definitely yield hickory cabinets. The popularity and availability of hickory cabinets makes them another good choice for any home project.

Hickory Cabinets – The Cons

Although hickory cabinets are known for being sturdy and durable, they are made of wood, and that means they are not the easiest material to care for. Hickory cabinets, like all wooden furniture, should be cleaned with a soft cloth and never scrubbed or scoured. It is important to keep water, chemicals and hot food off of your hickory cabinets and to clean spills up very quickly to prevent damage. To clean your hickory cabinets. you should only use soap and water or a cleaner made specifically for use on wood. Anything with ammonia or other cleaning chemicals should not be used to care for hickory cabinets. Many websites for companies that sell hickory cabinets include sections on how to care for them.

Another con of hickory cabinets is their price. Real solid hickory wood cabinets are more expensive than cheaper woods or false wood laminates. Many hardware and furniture stores carry pre-made hickory cabinets. but having custom hickory cabinets made will be much more costly. Hickory wood is valued for its beauty and strength, making it a costly choice. If you want a more economic alternative, oak is a cheaper wood with a similar look to hickory. If your heart is set on hickory cabinets. avoid dealing with this “con” by price shopping online. You may be able to get a better deal on hickory cabinets that you finish, stain or install yourself. Hickory cabinets and furniture can also be found secondhand at garage sales and thrift stores like Goodwill. Even though high prices can be a con of hickory cabinets. their long-lasting strength makes them worthy of consideration for an investment.

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