Jul 31 2017

Scrap Car Donation – How it Works #giving #a #car #to #charity


How car donation works

1. Contact us

Fill in our form or call our office – all we need is a couple of minutes to go through your details. Once we have your approval, we will arrange for one of our collection agents to call and arrange a suitable time to collect your vehicle.

2. Your vehicle is picked up

A tow truck usually arrives to pick up your vehicle, usually within 1 week. If there are problems we will try to let you know by phone, but it also helps if you can give us an email address.

3. Your donation is made

Giveacar recycles and scraps around 80% of the cars donated. Our aim is to raise as much money for your charity and depending on the condition of your car/other we will either send it to scrap or attempt to sell it at auction. Because we are a not-for-profit with no shareholders or funding our running costs are covered by taking a service fee from the total proceeds raised, these are 25% – if scrapped, and an additional 5% – if auctioned, which is subject to 5% VAT. We send you a receipt for your donation, and so will the charity. Both of these receipts should arrive in 6-8 weeks. Please note that auction house fees which include transportation, marketing and administration are deduced from the gross sale amount and are separate to the Giveacar service fee. This varies contractor to contractor and is dependent on where the vehicle is located within the country.

Auction Car Example:

Sale proceeds returned to Giveacar after auction house fees = £150, minus our service fee = £45 +VAT = £9. Charity Donation = £96.

How much can I raise?

Scrap car donations are based solely on the weight of the metal (so CD players/alloy wheels, batteries don’t add to the donation). If your car is roadworthy, we may be able to raise much more by selling it at auction. We deal with hundreds of cars every month, so we know how to get the best value. Please note: Scrap prices are at a 10-year low in the UK at the moment and a nominal sum raised is usually the norm. There are also some areas that we unfortunately no longer collect from but can explain if there is an issue in your area when we talk to you

But is it really worth it?

YES. We have already raised more than £2 million for charity and every vehicle is worth something. It’s an easy way to get rid of a problem and raise money for a good cause, and at no cost to you. For examples of the good your old car could do, read what our charity partners say about Giveacar .

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