Oct 17 2017

Seneca College Part-time Studies – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Applied Science and Technology Fundamentals (AST)



If you’re a high school graduate or mature student, the Applied Science and Technology Fundamentals program can help you earn the mathematics and science credits you need to gain entry into a science or technology-based program. Alternatively, if you’d like to improve your mathematical, technical or communication skills before studying at the diploma level, this program will provide the essential learning you need.

The only part-time program of its kind in Ontario, this twelve course certificate program is designed to give you a strong foundation in communication, mathematics, science and technology in order to be successful at diploma level study to support technically demanding science and technology sectors. You’ll study mathematics, basic sciences and technology, and benefit from a laboratory-based component to develop and fine-tune your skills. Your courses will expose you to different industry sectors, thus enhancing your opportunities for career exploration. Supporting courses in learning strategies, communication and general education provide additional opportunities for you to improve your time management, critical thinking and problem solving skills. In addition, this program will help you determine your suitability to work in a laboratory or field environment.

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Career Opportunities

A great foundation in applied science and technology can take you anywhere. As a student of the Applied Science and Technology Fundamentals (AST) program, you’ll take courses in applied science, mathematics, technology, general education and English that will enable you to be well prepared for further studies at the diploma level in the applied sciences (biotechnology, chemical technology), engineering technologies (electronics, computer, civil, environmental, building systems, fire protection, tool and die, tool design), aviation operations and computer studies.

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College English is an introductory college writing and reading course fundamental to successful college studies. Through a variety of assignments and classroom activities, students strive to develop the rhetorical and analytical skills essential to their success as communicators in college and upon graduation. Fiction and nonfiction are central vehicles for teaching writing.

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This is an introductory chemistry course. Students explore the relationship between chemical concepts and real life situations and on how chemical principles are important for biology.
This course provides the preparation necessary to enter Certificate and Diploma programs which require a current knowledge of chemistry and chemical concepts. Laboratory exercises and/or computer simulations and/or classroom demonstrations are designed to enhance understanding of the lecture material.

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College Preparatory Math

MTH069 (B grade or higher) or permission of the coordinator.

This modular course provides the second step for students who require upgrading in mathematics. On successful completion of both steps, students will have obtained a level of proficiency that is equivalent to Grade 12 (for college entrance purposes). It does not, however, qualify the student for an Ontario Grade 12 math credit.

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BIO091 (grade B or higher) or Grade 11 C/U Biology

In this advanced course, students engage in a theoretical and practical investigation of the concepts and processes of biological systems. Areas of study include cellular metabolism, gene expression and regulation, genetic inheritance, evolution, and a detailed exploration of the anatomy and function of different organ systems to homeostasis. This course prepares students for post-secondary level studies of the life sciences and its related fields.
This course contains equivalent content to SBI4U, but it is not a ministry approved credit.

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Applied Professional Communications

Required course for CPA/CPD/CPAC/CNS/CTY/AST programs but cannot be used as a General Education credit.

This course focuses on group work, team building, interpersonal communication, presentation skills, conflict and time management with applications to the computer industry. In this course, you are developing the skills that will make you not only a greater asset to an employer, but a more confident and accomplished individual. APC100 will give you a thorough grounding in employability skills listed as essential by the Conference Board of Canada in our global, knowledge-based society of the 21st century. You will be introduced to the theoretical background, then given ample opportunity to develop your expertise in these communication, teamwork, personal management, presentation and thinking skills. You will both require and be further developing these skills in all the courses of your programme. Only students who have a Canadian university degree in the humanities will be considered for advanced standing. These students must provide detailed course outlines from their university.

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Human behaviour is the result of a complex interaction between the individual person and his or her physical and social environment. This course examines selected knowledge about human behaviour and the use of the knowledge to the individual. Students will learn how to better understand themselves and others and to use psychological theory and research to manage their own lives and their own problems more effectively. The topics covered include: learning theory, learning skills, personality, self-concept, stress, memory, interpersonal relating, and communication.

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