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Small-Space Kitchen Island Ideas, portable kitchen island.#Portable #kitchen #island

Small-Space Kitchen Island Ideas

Make meal prep faster and more effective in a small kitchen with an innovative kitchen island. Whether it’s a mobile cart or repurposed table, a small-space island can amplify surface area and kick up your kitchen’s style.

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Rustic Revival

In a newly renovated kitchen, rustic elements such as this authentic chop block create a strong visual moment in the room. The wood accent adds a warm touch to a room with modern finishes and sleek, stainless-steel appliances.

Rounded Edges

This two-in-one dining area and island packs a punch when it comes to storage and design. A stately pillar supports the curved side of the island. A traditional palette of yellow, green, and white welcome the dark countertops and wood accents.

Fully Portable

When space is tight, a rolling cart is a smart alternative to a stationary island. The metal cart matches the kitchen’s vintage-industrial feel and feels integrated into the space, thanks to the same wooden top as the kitchen countertops.

Island with Open Storage

Visually expand the look of your small kitchen with a combination of open and closed storage options. This tiny island packs a punch with a trio of closed doors — used to hold items such as dish towels and silverware — and two open shelves to stow away frequently used cookbooks. A solid island design would have overwhelmed this small kitchen layout, but open shelving keeps the space looking light and airy.

Hidden Assets

This seemingly normal kitchen island has hidden wheels which allow it to serve as additional counter space or as a small dining spot. It’s easy to tuck a pair of stools next to the mobile island for a simple meal for two.

Mobile Metal

Make the most of limited kitchen space with a mobile kitchen island. This moveable unit provides additional prep space when needed, but can be tucked away in a pantry or an empty corner to promote efficient traffic flow while entertaining. The island’s sleek surface blends seamlessly with the kitchen’s stainless-steel appliances and brilliant chrome fixtures.

Cottage Calm

Long abandoned in the home’s basement, this small island inspired the kitchen’s entire look. The vintage table’s weathered surface adds cottage character to this sunny kitchen. The original tabletop was replaced with a new slab of black soapstone to transform the piece into a stunning focal point.

Make the Most of Your Island

Get ideas to add DIY storage and smart add-ons to your island. Maximize the function, no matter the size!

All in the Details

Narrow kitchen layouts can present some difficult design challenges. This homeowner made the most of her limited space with a long, slender island, outfitted with both style and function. Curved brackets dress up the island’s boxy structure, while a bit of extended countertop creates a casual dining spot for one.

Furniture-Style Island

Furniture-inspired details create a classic farmhouse vibe in this small kitchen. Similar to the surrounding cabinetry, the petite island is outfitted with exposed feet, a characteristic typically found in kitchens of the past. A stainless-steel countertop echoes the finish of nearby appliances and adds an unexpected touch of modern flair to the traditional space.

Slender Solution

A long, slender island ensures efficient traffic flow in this boxy kitchen. The island’s slim stature allows multiple cooks to work simultaneously in the kitchen and also offers a convenient buffet area for casual entertaining. Drawers on one side of the island provide storage for kitchen essentials, while a built-in microwave on the other side of the structure conserves counter space.

Mobile Work Station

In a kitchen of this stature, even the smallest built-in island would have gobbled up needed floor space. Instead, the homeowners elected to incorporate a moveable butcher-block table, outfitted with slim storage and big style. The narrow table can slide into the center of the room to provide additional prep or food-staging space, but can be tucked into a nearby niche when it’s no longer needed.

Store-It-All Small Island

Even the smallest island can pack a punch with creative storage solutions. This slender, furniture-style island is outfitted with three narrow cabinets, providing convenient storage for items such as cake pans and cookie sheets. A large drawer on one side of the island offers a handy stowaway space for a recycling bin.

Vintage Butcher-Block Island

Cast off from an old butcher shop, a butcher-block table works as a small island to complement this kitchen’s quirky flea market aesthetic. As a hint to the table’s lengthy history, the countertop dips slightly lower in the middle. A painted chair placed on one side of the island provides a casual dining spot in the heart of the kitchen.

Carting Convenience

A moveable cart extends counter space and storage in this bright room without interrupting its efficient traffic flow. The island’s wood finish plays off of the wood flooring to warm up this white kitchen. A small rug placed under the cart prevents it from sliding while in use.

Rustic Charm

A wooden island adds rustic character and accessible prep space to this tiny kitchen. A large drawer offers space to stow away bulky kitchen essentials, while an open shelf below displays mixing bowls and trays. A handful of scratches and knots add a vintage patina to the petite island design.

Understated Elegance

An elegant table functions as an eye-catching island in this traditional kitchen. A whimsical, distressed table base with a crisp marble countertop adds one-of-a-kind vintage character. A rustic chandelier above the island transforms the area into an instant focal point.

Beachy Wooden Island

A tiny wooden table provides convenient staging and storage space in this sunny cottage kitchen. The table’s weathered wooden surface hints at the home’s coastal location and adds contrast to break up simple white cabinetry and beaded-board walls. An open shelf below the island offers storage space for kitchen accessories.

Slim and Stylish

Purchased from a flea market, a slender island easily integrates with the kitchen’s vintage vibe. The aged wooden surface feels at home with the room’s handcrafted cherry countertops, beaded-board walls, and classic polished-nickel fixtures. If your found island has chipping paint, be sure to use a wire brush to wipe away any loose pieces and top with a coat of polyurethane, which will preserve the finish and keep paint out of your food.

Tiny and Transitional

Just because an island is slim doesn’t mean it can’t have convenient seating. With an ample countertop ledge, two sleek barstools fit perfectly next to this island. Decorated with white subway tiles, this island has a transitional look that fits in with the rest of the space.

Country Chic Charm

A furniture-style kitchen island is topped with a rustic chop block in this country chic kitchen. The look of this island makes it feel integrated into the kitchen while still getting the attention it deserves.

Wonderful Wire Organization

With tons of open space for storage and wire compartments to keep kitchen tools organized, this island is a life saver in this small-space kitchen. With ample counter space on top, the island earns its keep in this space. A tranquil sage green works well with pale yellow cabinetry and wood floors.

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