Oct 17 2017

Sponsor an Orphan Child with Orphans in Need #sponsoring #an #orphan


Give a child a chance

Sponsor an orphan today, and give a child a chance to have a brighter their future.

Your donation will bring new educational opportunities, healthcare, food and the peace of mind that comes with a stable lifestyle. We re working towards a world in which every child, everywhere has the right to a happy and healthy life will you help us?

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Sponsoring an orphan means a fuller life for children in need

A monthly donation of £30 provides an orphan with life-changing opportunities like these:

How orphan sponsorship works

How much does sponsorship cost?

Our Orphan Sponsorship Programme costs just £30 per month or £360 a year, that’s just £1 a day.

Your sponsorship contribution will be used to provide the following:
• Food • Shelter • Clothing • Clean Water Sanitation • Medical Care • Education • Loving care in a family-oriented home or institution

A small amount of your contribution is used by Orphans in Need to deliver the right kind of assistance to each child and to monitor the end use of your donation ensuring it is delivered correctly and to our standards. This is also saved as a contingency to support children whose sponsorship is ended by the donor and those who may need emergency support.

How do we select the children that we sponsor?

We select those children that are most in need of financial support. We do not base our decisions on gender and our decisions are based on current circumstances.
The most urgent cases take precedence. For example age, current family support, poverty levels, current health levels of the child and current shelter arrangements are key factors that determine the level of urgency.
Orphans that take higher precedence are those that have little or no family support, are young, suffer from medical problems and have no shelter.

How long does the sponsorship last?

Orphan Sponsorship is a long term programme that will continue until each orphan becomes self sufficient. As long as the orphan requires help and support we will continue to support them. Our aim is to help each orphan obtain a decent education so that they can then flourish, find good stable jobs and support themselves.

The circumstances of the orphan may change, for example a family member may come forward and take full responsibility to look after the orphan and help feed, clothe, educate and provide shelter and most of all love. In such a situation, if we feel the orphan will be well looked after then we will phase out their sponsorship.

Orphans may also be adopted and in such a circumstance we will again evaluate and make sure all the necessary needs of the child can be fulfilled by the potential parents before we stop their sponsorship.

Will I be able to contact or visit my sponsored child?

We will provide you opportunity to communicate directly with your sponsored orphan by allowing you to send letters as well as organising visitation rights so you can meet the child face to face. This bond between you and the orphan is vital and the child will feel happy to connect with the donor that is making their life so much better.

Which countries can I sponsor an orphan from?

Orphans in Need are currently working with orphans in the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Gambia, India, Kashmir, Kenya, Mali, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine (Gaza), Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Sri Lanka.

How is the Orphan Sponsorship Programme different from other organisations?

Many organisations provide child and orphan sponsorship schemes, but at Orphans in Need, orphan children are the focus • 7 days a week • 24 hours a day • 365 days a year.

We are a dedicated orphan charity with over ten years of experience and positive results. Children need a parent’s full attention and we try to do this with every child under our care. Our committed teams in the UK and in our eld countries work continuously to deliver and develop our orphan care. We do not carry out numerous aid programmes and neither are we an emergency response charity; this allows us to maintain our focus on delivering the best for the children.

Our sponsorship programme is specifically designed for the orphan children. We are not bound by any race, creed or colour. We see it as a fundamental human right that every orphan deserves to be fed, have access to clean drinking water, clothing, good medical care, a decent education and shelter. We have only one agenda, to help orphans around the world. Working with our partners in the field, we aim to get as many NGOs and other charities to follow our dream of giving orphans a brighter future.

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

We often receive requests from our donors wanting to send gifts to their sponsored child. This is something we do not generally accommodate because of the associated costs with delivering the item and also because we are mindful of all of the children that we look after.

Our sponsored orphans often reside in homes or villages where there are many other poor children and orphans. For us to only deliver a gift to only a select number of orphans would make the remaining ones feel deprived. For this reason we encourage you to donate £20 towards a gift which will go into a fund for the orphan children in the region. We will then use this amount to ensure they all receive gifts at special times of the year such as Eid.

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