Jul 31 2017

Timely – Time Tracking and Timesheet software for productive teams #time #tracking #project #software


Timely is the one time tracking app
your team will actually love. Guaranteed.

Keeping up with time is very important in my agency when we are working on different projects. Knowing how much time and the cost helps us keep our prices on point when we are quoting projects.

I was reviewing some 20-30 different time recording services and they all were kind of. crap, means totally missing what my primary goal is: To have as little as possible interaction with a time tracking service, while still maintaining precise and trustful accountability. This is exactly why I like Timely.

Best Time and Billing software on the market! I am very happy with this app. I have used, and built a few, time tracking systems, and am amazed by the thought and detail put into this service. Super clean and easy to use UI. Web, Mobile and Desktop applications.

I was using Toggl but found that I had to “remember” to go back through my email, my projects, my calendar all manually and try to piece together what happened each day. After finding Timely, this changed. I love time tracking. My time tracking is fun, easy, and I don’t feel like I’m playing catchup.

I have been using Timely for years now, and its completely transformed my billing and process. When I first started to use it, i was a freelancer, so found it extremely useful to log the precise timings of the varied jobs I had to work on throughout a day.

Prior to using Timely, I was guessing how profitable my work was. But now with hard data, I can see what’s working whilst also planning time ahead. This is an excellent feature of the product — planned vs actual time spent. I can also see how much work I can realistically fit into each week. Great solution. Love Timely.

The most user friendly time logging application I have ever used. So easy to toggle between projects. When a client calls, I have already switched logging before I answer the phone. The graphic user interface looks great, and it really makes logging time fun!

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