Apr 27 2018

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virtual kitchen design

Virtual kitchen design Virtual kitchen design Virtual kitchen design Virtual kitchen design

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we’ve been asked along the way.

The VKD® system

VKD® stands for Virtual Kitchen Design. It is a patented, proven technology that allows our professional designers to successfully create a kitchen or bath design without ever setting foot inside your customers homes. Our exclusive patented methodology allows your customers to work with us remotely to design a kitchen or bath from anywhere in the country, knowing that their measurements and design will always be accurate.

Cabinetry is the largest purchase in a kitchen remodel. To get the most out of it, you need experts to design and spec the project properly. VKD® will externalize all of the costs and labor while providing all of the benefits of an in-house design and sales team. Offering cabinetry creates another avenue to capture the many remodel-related sales such as appliances, hardware, plumbing fixtures, etc. and our model can help your business capture the totality of the kitchen remodel revenue stream by sending your customers back to you at every turn. Our designers will recommend that your customers use your products in every applicable aspect of their new kitchen. You just sit back and collect the money.

VKD® works for you. We do have manufacturers we d prefer to work with due to the consistency of product and superior quality, but we are open to designing in any line.

Simply put: quality, service and value. Unlike local dealers, we offer services online at your customers convenience. Your customers can be at work or on-the-go designing their dream kitchen in real-time . They will also receive the highest level of post-purchase customer service in the industry. From start to finish, your customers will be guided and informed by experts who can answer questions and help them make the tough design decisions..

Step 1: You will direct your clients to a site which will be private labeled for you. They will fill out some basic information.

Step 2: We design the kitchen, take measurements, and work with the client to sign final paperwork. We ll do this on virtual meetings, so that your client is fully aware of every aspect of the design in real-time.

Step 3: We send the client back to you for payment processing.

VKD® does not do in-home consultation. We have the ability to design, measure, and demonstrate the quality of our products through our website, sample program, virtual design and digital photo measuring. We can design and provide cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, entertainment centers, mud rooms—you name it!

VKD® has no minimum order requirement. We will do any full remodel job for a Kitchen, Bathroom, Mudroom, Laundry Room or other cabinetry project. We do not design kitchen island-only requests as we will only design kitchen islands as part of a full kitchen remodel. Of course, VKD® can provide cabinetry for new construction as well!

Some of the manufacturers we work with have the ability to offer custom finishes.

VKD® will recommend any products that you offer and will not sell or recommend any other product, from any other manufacturer or distributor, unless specified by you.

We do not offer cabinetry refacing and do not sell door and drawer fronts only.

The design process is a complimentary service we offer to customers who display interest and who submit the required information to receive a quote. We quote prices based on the design, so it is also a necessary step in order to purchase cabinetry through us.

It can take anywhere from 3-4 business days from the time the customer s information has been verified by one of our design coordinators to the time they receive their quote via e-mail. A quote consists of 3D renders along with a total price quote – this will represent a working design. All quote material will come co-branded.

VKD® specs cabinetry specifically for your customer. Orders cannot be cancelled after 72 hours and there are no returns.

We can verify room dimensions using a state-of-the-art, patented technology called photogrammetry. Your customer will receive a pdf from their designer with a digital target to print out. The digital target is a standard 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper that will be printed and taped flat to their walls. They then take a series of pictures of each wall following the diagrams with the digital targets visible in the photos. Our measurement technicians can answer any of their questions during the process.

We guarantee that this process is accurate up to an eighth of an inch and VKD® takes responsibility for the room dimensions and fit of the cabinets. To be eligible for our digital photogrammetry, your customers must be able to fit the entire height of their kitchen – floor-to-ceiling – in one digital photograph without using the panorama option. Spaces that are too cramped may not be eligible, as it may not be possible to obtain a clear reading.

Your customers will complete their purchases through your site. Our designers will configure a detailed contract and final quote. When the customer affixes their signature, we will send them to you for final payment processing.

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