Feb 27 2018

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Wall Shelves

From antique designs to playful and contemporary ones, wall shelves can add oodles of space to your room while offering you plenty of storage. Photographs, your favourite books, travel souvenirs show off what you will on these wall mounted shelves. Explore our collection of wooden wall shelves that are ideal for any space in the house.


Kitchen wall shelves

Kitchen wall shelves

Kitchen wall shelves

Kitchen wall shelves

Kitchen wall shelves

Kitchen wall shelves

Kitchen wall shelves

Kitchen wall shelves

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Find a great selection of wall shelves by shopping online at

Wall shelves are a boon to any house because they are a great place to store knick-knacks, books, souvenirs, and whatnot. They do not take up floor space, make your bare walls look pretty, and keep things out of the reach of children and pets. However, the numerous options in wall-mounted shelves available online may leave you perplexed. Here are some buying tips.

Purpose first

Think about what you will use the wall shelf for. For instance, if you want to use it as a bookshelf, the racks need to be able to hold the weight of a good number of books. On the other hand, if the shelf is going to be used to display curios or photographs, weight-bearing ability may not be a priority.

Every room, every need

Wall shelf designs feature a variety of shapes and innovative ideas such as mirror backings and hooks. Wooden wall shelves with hooks are a good choice for the entryway or foyer to leave your jackets and caps. In the kitchen they can be used to hang cups or ladles for easy access.

Kitchen wall shelves can help keep your countertops neat and uncluttered while ensuring that everything you want is within easy reach. These are a good option when you want quick access to spice racks or display your fine china prominently.

Corner shelves are best for tricky spaces in rooms that cannot be utilized in any other way. For example, a corner wall shelf in the nook of your living room can be used to keep your books or display collectibles.

Floating shelves are gaining popularity among different types of wall shelf design due to their versatility. When used in small spaces like bathrooms, they create the impression of space. An asymmetric floating wall shelves design is such that it brings some visual drama to an otherwise ordinary room.

Material, material

Materials used for wall shelves can range from solid wood to plastic, acrylic, or metal. Each of these materials has its own set of pros and cons, so it is best to do some research before proceeding with the purchase. The price will also, to some extent, be dependent on the material used and the kind of craftsmanship it displays.

Ready to shop?

If you re buying wall shelves online, check to see if the firm will install the shelf for you. There is no point buying a great shelf at a good price only to have it sit unused till you can find someone to put it up for you!

In any case, there is a huge range of wall shelves online to explore. India has a robust online furniture market and our collection at Urban Ladder is sure to have something you like. So, get browsing and find something that s wall worthy!

Modern architecture is like a shark that never ceases to stop swimming, always moving forward, always in a state of unrest. The idea is to innovate and create trends that are unique and representative of the current tastes and times. A wall shelf is a highly popular article of modern architecture that does not rely on any floor space at all but manages to provide storage facilities in your home with style and finesse. Shop online at and find the perfect wall shelf for your home.

We provide you with ample choices when it comes to the category of wall shelves. Our product range is highly diverse and is created to sustain the needs of the modern home. For those who prefer traditional styling over everything else, we present the Gemelo wall shelf, which is a set of two compact shelves offering four compartments. Made from Sheesham wood. The shelf’s classy mahogany finish gives it a simple and sophisticated look.

Another traditional wall shelf that relies on completely utilising the vertical space of your walls is the Babylon floor/wall shelf. Although the styling and design is highly simplistic, the quality mango wood and an elegant finish along with a popular design makes this one of the preferred wall shelves.

We strive to innovate in every category we include under our wing and wall shelves are no exception. The Tolem wall shelf is elegant and unorthodox while the Issue magazine rack relies on modern styling to execute a brilliant design. You will also enjoy browsing through our selection to find unconventional patterns such as the Quote-Unquote wall shelf that lets store and highlight your current reads.

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Kitchen wall shelves

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