Aug 9 2017

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knowledge base

In general, a knowledge base is a centralized repository for information: a public library, a database of related information about a particular subject, and could all be considered to be examples of knowledge bases. In relation to tnformation technology (IT ), a knowledge base is a machine-readable resource for the dissemination of information, generally online or with the capacity to be put online. An integral component of knowledge management systems, a knowledge base is used to optimize information collection, organization, and retrieval for an organization, or for the general public.

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A well-organized knowledge base can save an enterprise money by decreasing the amount of employee time spent trying to find information about – among myriad possibilities – tax laws or company policies and procedures. As a customer relationship management (CRM ) tool, a knowledge base can give customers easy access to information that would otherwise require contact with an organization’s staff; as a rule, this capacity should make the interaction simpler for both the customer and the organization. A number of software applications are available that allow users to create their own knowledge bases, either separately (these are usually called knowledge management software ) or as part of another application, such as a CRM package.

In general, a knowledge base is not a static collection of information, but a dynamic resource that may itself have the capacity to learn, as part of an artificial intelligence (AI ) expert system. for example. According to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C ), in the future the Internet may become a vast and complex global knowledge base known as the Semantic Web .

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royanbraun – 2 Mar 2016 5:44 AM

“Hey! Great Article!
You cannot explain a knowledge base better than this, great job! Like you mentioned, knowledge base saves a lot of money as you can keep all the relevant information of an organization at a centralized location, where all the employees can learn about the policies of company or even train new ones. I use ProProfs Knowledgebase myself to train my employees but the key is to organize your data in a very simple way, the more the information the simpler should be the storage otherwise, it can create great confusion among your colleagues. “

salujakbs – 2 Dec 2016 2:01 AM

Well explained, and rightly mentioned that a well-maintained knowledge base helps train employees faster and saves money. However, the use is not only restricted to internal engagements, but a knowledge base software also helps improve customer service processes. Thus, with no doubt, a knowledge management solution has become a vital part of every industry, like a tool used by telecoms and device manufacturers, KnowMax, the knowledge management platform by Kochartech

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